Saad means successful and Siddiqui is truthful

    abhay kulkarni
    Saad means successful and Siddiqui is truthful
    JNEC, Aurangabad
    February 7, 2017

    Saad Siddiqui 2012 pass out proud jnec alumnus. Saad means successful and Siddiqui is truthful. He has started bamu engine . I have visited his website and facebook page of bamuengine as well. Superb efforts for students making everything available on his page which will help the students but perhaps staff will be frequent visitor. However I believe like jio this will be available free for few days but perhaps he must be having some business plans also through it and is just acceptable. I also believe one day my course lectures will be available on this page as Saad must be cautious about everything best available in the interest of students on his website etc etc. However my beloved students please don’t rely on Saad as only past papers are available not for May-June 2017 examination. I am sure Saad will become one day pagalguy. Saad has entered in the field where unlimited growth is possible and sure. Our best wishes to Saad.