Steps to Start a Blog – Beginners Guide

Steps to Start a Blog – Beginners Guide

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The Number of Blogs written everyday is around 40 Lakhs, that is around 45 blogs per second. But you don’t need to worry about it, start a blog , you can still make yours count. Because content is King.

What ever may be the inspiration to start a blog, it’s always a good decision because of the following reasons:

  1. Blogging is one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information.
  2. It’s a great way to express yourself.
  3. Share your personal experiences in a casual manner with the world.
  4. You will be a better person and a better writer.
  5. The best reason? You can make money sharing your experiences

I have also started as a newbie in April 2012, at that time I wasn’t aware of the ABC of blogging. But finally after 5 long years of my personal experience I am writing this post. I promise it will be really simple for you to take decisions in starting your blog after reading this guide.

If you have finalized your blogging niche or topic, building your blog will be a 30-45 minutes task.

The steps involved in starting a blog are as follows:

1. Choose the topic to blog about:


This is the first and foremost thing you need to do. Evaluate yourself honestly, on what you will be blogging about. It can be a Particular topic like Travel, Food, Education, Finance, Mobiles, healthcare, Fitness, parenting etc…. It can be anything you think people may relate to and would love to know more about. What ever niche or topic you choose, you should be an expert in that subject. Because unless and until you are an expert you can’t deliver the quality content & as I have said earlier ” Content is king” applies here. if you fail to provide quality content people won’t relate to it. If you enjoy the topic you have chosen it will help you to blog more efficiently.

2. Choosing your Platform to blog

Choosing your platform where you will write you blog is very important. you should be comfortable with your platform. There are many blogging platforms available. WordPress, blogger, Tumblr, wix, ghost etc.. Among all these platforms wordpress is the most used world-wide.

As per the survey by below, wordpress alone constitutes to 58.7% of the market share of content management system(CMS).  Joomla the second most used CMS constitutes only 7.1 % of the market share which is far less than

There are other alternatives however, and they are listed below:

  • Blogger –  The next best thing after WordPress.
  • Tumblr – Half social network, half blog. Interesting, and very simple to use.

3. Free version or Self hosted

So, when it comes to free or paid? it’s the toughest decision because we all love free things ain’t we? yes off course…

But still, My personal recommendation will be self hosted Wordpress always because of the following reasons:

  • Free
  • Easy setup
  • Lot of free themes and layouts
  • Countless plugins (most of them are free)
  • Lot of support from various forums and websites.
  • Blog will be fast like professional websites.
  • you can connect with people easily.(commenting, sharing ).

The image below shows the difference between a free wordpress and paid wordpress. is the paid version and is the free version.


WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger all offer free blogs for anyone. Awesome, right? It’s perfect for those of us who aren’t super serious about blogging. But it does have some disadvantages:

  1. You don’t get your own domain name: when you create a free blog with any of the free blog providers listed above it will look like this  :

It seems like you are on rent,  Nobody likes it right? everyone like their web address to be like

2.  Limitations: you don’t have full control of your blog. you can’t monetize or advertise the way you want. you can’t even use the free themes offered by wordpress developers.

even if these limitations doesn’t mean a lot to you. free hosting is the best thing for you. Just go and create an account with the platform you like and get started.

In other case if you want to go with the self hosted wordpress read ahead.

4. Self hosted Blog

If you have chosen wordpress as its the best out there,  you need to have the following two things:

  • Domain: The domain is basically the URL of your website. Examples: ( is the domain), ( is the domain). is a domain. you can get one from my own company,, etc…..
  • Hosting: Hosting is basically the web space where your website will be residing. your website is put on a server which is up 24/7 so that the world can access it anytime.

You don’t need to worry about it , There are thousands of hosting companies out there that will keep you website up and running for as low as 3$(INR 180) a month. so it won’t dig a hole in your pocket.

Personally, I use Bluehost (official wordpress partner) for my blog hosting, and I’ve got good things to say about it. It’s probably one of the cheapest INR 239/month (less than $2.50 per month) hosting providers out also provides a one click install for almost all CMS’s. If you are concerned about the privacy of your domain i will recommend to go for whois privacy and also enable automatic backups of your blog.
Bluehost WordPress Hosting
Super optimized WordPress Hosting starting at Rs.239/month

If for any reason you don’t want to go with bluehost, feel free to choose your own hosting company. Most, if not all of them, should have a “one-click” WordPress install solution on their admin panel.

That button will automatically install WordPress on your blog. No hassle at all.

Once WordPress is installed on your website, all you have to do to start blogging. Just login to the admin panel from anywhere around the world  and start writing a post.

it may take some 3-4 days for you to get familiar with the backend, it’s really simple believe me.

5. Design of your blog


Design of your blog plays a very important role in grabbing visitors. If the appearance of your blog is good people will return to your blog again and again. Remember your blogs look and feel reflects your personality and thinking.

Let’s make your blog look exactly how you want it to. To choose a new theme, you need to go to Appearance > Themes and install a free WordPress theme or you can head to a premium theme website like and buy a theme for around $35-$40(INR 2700) .

Note: Choose a responsive theme for your blog. Responsive themes are compatible with Phone, tablets and desktops.

I personally choose something that looks professional and is easy to connect with audience. WordPress also has this awesome feature that allows you to change themes with just a few clicks. So if you start getting tired of your current blog template, you can just switch to another one without losing any precious content or images.

That’s it! I’m confident that your initial blog set up will be Easy now (unlike mine, Lucky YUH!) If you are having any problems installing WordPress, Just get in touch with me or leave a comment below. I will try to help you out with the problems.


Enjoy Blogging!


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