Installation of a Solar Panel at your home is Cost-effective


The energy as we know it today is generated from both, renewable and non-renewable sources. While people have a fairly good idea about how energy is generated from both types, there is still a stereotype attached to how renewable energy is generated – which is that, one needs to have solar farms or wind farms, if we consider wind and solar sources of energy, to generate a modest amount of sustainable energy.

But, truth be told, enough power can be generated to energize a whole household by a simple configuration of solar cells or fuel cells. This is not only viable, but can also make one self-sufficient in the matter of power supply.

Out of the renewable sources, solar energy is the cleanest and cheapest.

So what exactly is a Solar Panel?

solar panel

A plate of solar cell is called a panel. Many plates attached together are called a Solar Module. Many modules linked serially and parallel are called Solar Arrays. A single solar cell has the capacity to generate up to 350 watts of power – enough to power a 25 watt bulb for 14 hours. When we talk about generating power at home, we intend to install a RTPV or Roof-top Photo Voltaic Panels. The rooftop area required can be anywhere between 250 to 600 sq. ft. This area can accommodate 9 to 12 such panels. Considering a 12 panel array, nearly 4000 watts of power can be safely generated.The cost of each panel goes up to 12000 rupees which gives a sum total of 144000 INR for the entire project. Added to it, is the cost of an inverter, a battery, a charge-controller and auxiliary wiring system.

Thus, the entire installation amounts up to 2 to 2.5 lakhs, depending upon the wattage, material, and quality of panels and also the area utilized for installation.

All said, the best feature of having RTPV plant is that, India gets 300 days of ample sunshine, which is a big incentive, as the efficacy of an RTPV depends only on the quantity and quality of insolation it receives. Besides, one also has the fillip of curtailing the cost of buying electricity from the State Board of Electricity.

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