11 Points to be Considered before taking admission in Engineering

11 Points to be Considered before taking admission in Engineering

Engineering is about innovation and new ideas to make life simpler.

Engineering is a professional  course that requires an application of scientific, mathematical, economical as well as practical knowledge for inventing, designing, structuring, maintaining new structures or material as well as developing new organisations. There are a number of specialized fields of engineering that emphasizes on specific applications, as well as particular areas of operation. Inventions of new technologies and application of these technologies are the prime areas of any field of engineering.

The Engineering Education should be more practical than theoretical. So for being practical to discover something new you need to have the proper set of instruments. You should check the following points in a college before getting admitted in order to avail all the facilities required to be a perfect Engineer.

Points to be considered before taking admission in a college

1 ) Infrastructure

First and foremost you should consider the infrastructure of the college. You should look after the infrastructure because this is where you are going to spend 4 most important years of your life. Infrastructure involves Well Equipped Classrooms, Hi-tech Labs, Library, good quality accommodation, recreational facility, indoor and outdoor games options, as well as proper security options.

Well equipped and maintained laboratories are always useful and beneficial when it comes to Engineering. Some branches of engineering demand big sizes of laboratories. for example, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

Lecture halls should be fully ventilated and isolated from the noisy environment. Proper facility of lighting, boards, e-learning etc. should be there. Educational technology is also an important factor.

2 ) Faculty

Second Most Important thing are the Faculty Members. Well Qualified and Experienced Faculty Members the Foundation of any institution. If you have Experienced and co-operative faculty members during your studies they will be helpful throughout your life.

3 ) Placement Cell

A Training Placement Cell should be there in each engineering institution. If placement of the college is good then it attracts more aspirants and thus college finds more quality.

4 ) Course Accreditation

A college should be accredited with one of the world-wide recognized bodies like UGC, NAAC, AIU, DEB, AICTE, AIMA, PCI, etc. One should check the roles of such bodies before taking an admission.

5 )  Overall Fees

Low fees always attracts more aspirants to apply. An aspirant seeks a quality program for a low fee. Fees should not be very high. It is also good for meritorious but poor.

6 ) Scholarships

Facility of scholarships is always favorable to invite economically weaker aspirants who are merit holders. Scholarships are also be given to students with average performance also on the basis of low annual income of parents or so. eg.Minority Scholarships by State and Central Government.

7 ) Hostels

Proper hostels to accommodate all the students applied for hostel facility. There should be proper rooms, electrical supply, sanitary fittings, small library, generator facility and common rooms.

8 )  Anti-Ragging Cell

Anti Ragging Cell should be there to look into the serious matters related with ragging of newbies and also to monitor that if the no-ragging situation is maintained or not.

9 ) Student to Teacher Ratio

It is the most demanded factor which actually reflects that where the institute exists in the world ranking or so. Obviously, it is directly proportional to a very high quality in education. More teachers to teach a few students i.e. they would always teach quality and with no pressure of a crowd in class.

10 ) Religious Buildings

This creates a facility for students not to go away from the campus for attending mosques, temples etc.

11 ) Dress-Code
A dress-code resembles more in discipline towards the education, timing and performance of the Institute.

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