How to Get Placed Soon after Completing Engineering


One of the meaning of Engineering is to do Something Skillfully.

So here comes the first thing to do

1. Brush up your Skills

The main reason Engineers are not getting job is due to the lack of Skills the market needs.  Your Educational Qualification or your Degree is not your ticket to your Job, It’s just the Beginning of the match. So tone your Skill set as per the requirements of your respective branch. if you are good at something there is a possibility you MAY get a job, but if you are the Best at something DEFINITELY you will get a Job without much hassle.  SO MAKE YOURSELF A PERFECTIONIST IN AT-LEAST ONE THING OR SKILL.

2. Get Practical Experience 

Theoretical and Practical knowledges are two different things apart. Do a part-time job as an intern when you are in your final year. it gives some Practical knowledge of the actual working Environment of your field. As you will have some practical knowledge it adds some extra points to your Resume when you apply for a job after your Graduation. This job as a intern boosts your confidence levels as well and your recruiter will definitely notice that. Not only this but this job as an intern will also let you decide which type of job you want to do in your field.

3. Manage your Social Media Accounts Wisely

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram  when used Wisely, can give you a big boost in job search. Most of the companies you are targeting will have a good social media presence. Finding them and following up with their updates will give you a better overview of their culture, opportunities and the specific skill sets they are looking for.

LinkedIn is the most powerful professional networking tool today. Almost all companies use LinkedIn to screen their candidates. In fact, your LinkedIn profile is your online resume. Moreover, it is a one-stop source of all your professional experiences, qualifications, accolades, talents and skill set.

4. Keep Learning New Things or skills  

It’s never a bad idea to learn something new. There are plenty of free online courses available in websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Khanacademy. These courses will help you expand your knowledge. They, in turn, improve your chances of being noticed by recruiters and also gives a better conceptual understanding.

5.Register on the Job Portals

Most of the larger companies have online job portals. Register and subscribe in these portals for getting regular updates and to keep track of new vacancies. Apart from that, major job sites like NaukriMonsterIndeed  and AngelList keeps posting employee requirements from various companies. These websites help you target your core companies and find job vacancies in your preferred field.

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  1. It is a good and straight forward guidance for all the fresh engineering graduates who are often confused what to do after engineering.Keep guiding 😊

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