Good News-Whatsapp old text status is back !!


Whatsapp recently brought its new photo and video update status like snapchat and instagram. But as the users did not like it that much, the Facebook owned company had promised to bring back the text status. Whatsapp finally brought the old text status update back to Android as well as iOS.

How to start using the text status again

For Android Users:

How to get WhatsApp text status back

First of all get the latest verion from the google Playstore. Go to Google Playstore and make sure that the app’s version number is v2.17.107; in case the version number is not the same, simply update the app.

How to change the status

Go to the

  • Three-dot menu on the top left
  • Head to Settings
  • Then go to the  About and phone number section,

you will see the old WhatsApp status option back. It comes with the old default options of’Available’ , ‘Busy’, ‘At school’, ‘ At the Movies’, ‘At work’, ‘Battery about to die’, ‘Cant talk, whatspp only’, ‘in a meeting’, ‘at the gym’, ‘sleeping’, ‘urgent calls only’. The best thing about the old text status is that it does not disappear after 24 hours hahaha………. Your contacts will be able to see the Status message by opening your contact, when starting a new chat thread, or viewing group info, like it used to be earlier.

For iOS users

In order to access any Update you need to have the latest version of that app with you. So first of all update the app to the latest version through the appstore. once you have the latest version of the app you are all set to start using the text status update.

How to update the status

Go to Whatsapp

  • Go to ‘settings’ in the bottom left corner of the app.

whatsapp edit profile

  • Select your profile, it will take you to the edit profile section

whatsapp edit profile

  • scroll down to the about section

whatsapp ios status

and there you will find the old status back. It comes with the old default options ‘Available’ , ‘Busy’, ‘At school’, ‘ At the Movies’, ‘At work’, ‘Battery about to die’, ‘Cant talk, whatspp only, in a meeting, at the gym, sleeping, urgent call only. The best part is this status stays there till you wish unlike the photo and video status which disappears after 24 hours.

Whatsapp just brought the old status back but the new photo and video status like snapchat is not going anywhere. It will be a seperate tab as it is to access the 24 hour hour valid  status updates.

Thanks for reading and please write down your views in the comment section about this update……..

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