How to get up Early and boost your Performance to feel good about Life

How to get up Early and boost your Performance to feel good about Life

It is a universally proven fact those people who get up in the morning in the nick of time and rush through the entire drill, from getting ready, having breakfast and commuting, are 80% likelier to not feel satisfied with the way the day has turned out to be.

Haste to get to work on time, neither gives us the headspace or legspace to get ready at leisure and think things through regarding the activities that we have planned out later in the day nor a sense of achievement in doing the pettiest of things. Moreover, there is the added risk of forgetfulness and rash driving.

In contrast to this morning madness, there are huge benefits in getting up early. The most obvious is the presence of a calm state of mind. If you have a composed mind, then your responses and thoughts are more calculated and sharp.

But how does one get up in the early morning if one is accustomed to getting up late, say just an hour before work, and that too day after day? And which of the morning hours, 5, 6, 7 or 8 a.m.? Well, of course, you can’t get up at even 7 am if you are used to get up at 8 am everyday. The most you can do is, if you get up at 7 am instead of 8, is to look at your clock in glee, think the one hour before 8 am to be another hour promising blissful sleep, pull the covers back on you and Zzzzzz……

The Trick

But there is still a trick, one you will hardly notice and one which won’t even make you feel sleepy. It is to add 10 minutes each day to your wakeful hours. So, if you get up at 8 am, try setting the alarm at 7.50 am. It is hardly noticeable and won’t make you feel to go back to sleep. After all, what are just 10 minutes for sleeping, especially if you have to get up in a few minutes?

But those 10 minutes, if used by you in your wakeful hours can add wonders to your schedule. Let us see how you can use those 10 minutes. You can do any one of these activities for 10 minutes, or all of them in quick succession, again in a matter of 10 minutes. You can scan through the news-paper for the day’s headlines, decide your wardrobe, keep your accessories like wallet/purse, keys, bag, etc. ready at hand, arrange the contents of your bag/tote-bag, go over a mental list of the things required of you in the early hours at work and also speak a kind word to the one who prepares your breakfast and so on. Now imagine the productivity if you get at least 2 hours before your usual time.

The possibilities are endless and we shall cover a few of them in the next installment, which, BTW, will show how you can have the potential of 2 days in one day.

The Bottomline:

Adding 10 minutes a day each day to your waking hours is a very effective practice to maximize your performance, set the tone for the day ahead and feel good about life.


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