Why Electrical Engineering in an Important Field?

electrical engineering

Importance of Electrical Engineering

21st Century would be a cripple, were it not for the “Life-Saving” technology of Electrical Engineering. Ever since the advent of the first light bulb and countless inimitable experiments carried out by Edison, Tesla, Franklin and a host of others scientists, Electrical Engineering has journeyed a long way.

This journey defied not only conventions and social mores in its time, but fought (and still does) numerous battles within its own spectrum, such as dominance and superiority of AC and DC over each other.

With the world moving fast towards crisis of every imaginable kind, there are being made desperate attempts to salvage the steadily declining ecology of this globe. From Afforestation to Recycle & Re-use to Edu-Awareness Programs, the think-tank of this world have tried to come up with myriad solutions that meet the needs and demands of a world filled to the brim with 7 Billion humans.

The world at large has grown accustomed to a Technology-driven lifestyle. So, new-age concepts such as go-green and e-medium will succeed only when they fulfill the Technological Appetite of Humans. You see, mankind has tasted blood where ease-of-lifestyle and Standard of living are concerned. They would look for their own comfort, even if it is at the expense of leaving behind tonnes upon tonnes of e-waste and carbon-footprints, unless they are offered such a solution which not only meets their high standard of life but takes this world one-tiny-step-at-a-time towards its pristine condition.

Engineering as a Science has evolved and devolved over thousands of centuries. It has many offshoots, of which some are very useful and without which life would come to a standstill.

Electrical Engineering is fast turning out to be one such domain that has a pan-engineering appeal and promises immense potential in solving the troubles of this world.

From re-defining Automation in Industries and plush living quarters, to simplifying Medical Procedures through Surgical gizmos, to designing Smart Military Artillery and Weaponry, to Minimizing the Carbon and Digital footprints through Alternate, Sustainable, Clean and Green Sources of Energy – Electrical Engineering has it all.

So, not only does it help power the machine which printed the paper you are reading this line on, but also lights up the hearths (Biogas) & Homes of billions of this world, propels rockets in air, generates electricity in deserts, plies satellites in space, powers oil rigs in the middle of oceans, facilitates time-saving technologies in corporate offices and a plethora of other benefits.

Life without Electricity is unimaginable. Take Power away from this world and we are all reduced to being like Stone-age men of some time-forgotton pre-historic era.

Indeed, Electrical Engineering and its byproduct, Electricity, are doing a lot to make this world a better place, so let us resolve to use this gift of God judiciously, frugally, conservatively and smartly.

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