Drawbacks of iPhone Over Android

Drawbacks of iPhone Over Android

iPhone vs Android

if you are a android user since a long time and willing to switch to iPhone, due to the hype created in the market, then consider the following drawbacks you will face.


Cost is a major concern for buyers. Even after the Launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus  in September 2016, A year old iPhone 6s costs more than many android flagships.  The 32GB variant costs INR 47499($705)  . Though  it Lacks Many features as compared to the newly Launched android devices. MI Recently Launched its Redmi Note 4 with 4 gb of RAM and a 64 GB ROM Priced at INR 12999($190) with higher Specification and lots of Features as compared to the iPhone.Samsung has also Launched On Nxt a Budget Phone with all these Features Priced at INR 18490($273) . So it’s a considerable difference.

Infographic: The Price Gap Between iOS and Android Is Widening | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

2. No SMS Delivery Reports

The iPhone still lacks the SMS delivery reports for the text messages. It is only capable to give you the delivery reports for the imessage only. That means only the messages sent to other iOS devices will keep you informed about the delivery of that message. When it comes to Android or other OS all of them have the delivery report feature for the sms messages irrespective of the other device to which the SMS is being Sent. Even Samsung GURU that costs hardly INR 1200 ($18) , it is not even a smartphone, still it has the function of delivery reports for the SMS messages.

3. Too much dependent on iTunes

Though iPhone is a smart phone but it rely’s completely on iTunes to interface a computer. It becomes an obstacle if you have to use your phone with a new computer which doesn’t have iTunes installed. its gives a paralyzed feeling, owning the costliest of smartphones you can’t even do such a small thing which a cheapest Android phone can do without any dependency.

4. Sharing Problems

iPhone share quite nicely with its family members using airdrop. But when it comes to other devices like Android it’s not that friendly. If you are used to share Music and Videos in android, let me tell you one thing you can’t share the music you have downloaded with your friends like we do it in android. It just sends a link to your friend asking him to download that song from iTunes by paying certain amount. Same is for Videos.

Even if we took some music using the Share-it app on our iPhone, that music is not shown in the built-in music app of iPhone. You can listen those Songs in the Share-it app.

5. No Expandable Storage

If you are used to the memory cards for increasing your storage, forget that when it comes to iPhone. If you are purchasing a 16 GB variant it already comes with a 5-6 GB iOS installed. You hardly get 10-11 GB of free space for all your photos, videos, apps. So keeping in mind  the user’s smartphone usage patterns the 16 GB variant is not capable to fulfill your needs. Even a single 4k video for a minute is about 375 MB, the worst part is you cannot expand the storage by inserting a micro-SD. if you plan to buy the 64 GB Variant the cost goes up by almost the price of 32 micro-SD of 32 GB.

When it comes to android even the cheapest android offers you a expandable storage of upto 128 GB.

6. No FM Radio

Though people rarely use this feature on their smartphones, but it’s always good to have an option in case of Experiencing a change. iPhone’s doesn’t comes with a FM radio. While almost every Android phone comes equipped with the FM Radio in it.

7. No Proper OTG support

if you are used to browse OTG pendrive on your smartphone, forget that good times with iPhone. It doesn’t allow OTG support with the common OTG pen-drives. If you want to expand the storage of your iPhone you need to purchase a costly San-disk Connect Wireless Stick 32 GB Pen Drive that costs around INR 3000.

8. Lesser Free apps on app store

Google’s Playstore has large number of free apps available to meet the user needs, as compared to that of the App store by apple. The size of the apps on iOS is a bit larger as compared to that of  Android.

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  1. Really a critical and deep analysis and comparison. And all the features listed above are the usual and common requirement of a budget class user who want benefits of cost he paid.

    you could have also included the encryption and security features also which apples claims to be secure enough but it is not actualy. I phones are as vulnerable as other

  2. True, Apple products have just become jwellery with no practical usage
    Android phones are richer in features and usability

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