Do You Read?



Lets add one more word to the topic. Do you read Books?

Books. The backbone of all civilizations. No society or religion or nation ever can do without books. But we won’t delve into ancient history and how the world evolved into the present era.

Instead, let’s talk about what’s in it for you. How can reading benefit you and then what kind of reading/literature?

Many of us find reading very monotonous let alone reading books as a matter of habit. Reading is to mind what exercise is to body. It is the nourishment of the soul. Beside this, let me share with you a very interesting scientific discovery. It has been learnt that, since reading sparks imagination & creativity, that reading forges new pathways in the brain, which for a non-reader may be very limited. Our brain, which is mass of around 1.4 kg, communicates with the rest of the body through neurons and axons. Now, the brain itself has several compartments, so to speak, which not only communicate with the body but with other parts of the brain as well.

When a person learns/reads something new, the information is processed, stacked up and interpreted in a certain way by the 3 parts of the brain, Cerebrum, Cerebellum and the brain stem. Most of the body’s metabolism and acts of speech, thoughts and movements is carried out by Cerebrum. Cerebrum is made up of 4 lobes. These four lobes are called frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital (FPTO).

Each of these lobes has one or two special functions. Not only this, any two lobes perform the shared responsibility of carrying out another set of one or two functions! Its like inter-office communication.

So, the point is this: When a person reads meaningful stuff from books, internet or learns arts, crafts & sciences from others, it spurs the thinking part of the brain, makes it imaginative, boosts creativity, action and expands his/her horizons. The brain, to keep up with this renewed sense of vigor & vitality bucks up and sharpens its functioning, thus creating spontaneous information-exchange between its various lobes, thus causing new pathways between neurons of different brain parts The information is shared through a lot of complex matter in the brain, from gooey liquids to sticky membranes. But let’s just suffice to say that our currency here is called neurons, axons and dendrons to transmit and receive impulses and synapses. These units transmit data from one brain centre to the other.

Note the stark difference – a thinking mind which absorbs every kind of information, processes it and uses it for solving complex situations in daily life, and a mind glued to the smart phones and virtual games, which can’t think beyond what it is being ordered to do!

So, if you want to lead, read.

if i missed something about reading do let me know in the comments section below.

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