How to create a Free Blog with Blogger in 2017 (Step by Step Guide)

How to create a Free Blog with Blogger in 2017 (Step by Step Guide)

Blogger is Google’s free tool for creating blogs. Th best part is Blogger is completely free. it includes Free hosting, Analytics, as well you can get a share in Profit by displaying ads  on your blog.

Pre-requisites: Just a Google Account!!! that’s it. Almost Every Internet user must be having one i guess! isn’t it?

Step by Step Guide to Create a Blog

1) Go to :

It will take you to the homepage of google’s blogger as shown in the image below.


2)  Click on Create Your Blog :

As seen in the image above you just need to click on the create your blog button.

3) Enter the Google Account Credentials:

As soon as you click on the Create your blog button it will redirect you to the google sign in page. Just enter the google account credentials and sign-in.


4) Landing Page of Blogger:

As soon as you sign in successfully, you will be redirected to the following page shown in image below.


Here you will be asked to:

  •  Title: Enter the Title of your Blog in the first fieldIt can be anything you want, Ex: Tech news, My food recipe’s , our family adventures etc …
  • Address: Here in the second field you  nedd to enter the desired web address for your blog. For Example Bamuengine, it will check for the availability. And if  it is available you will get the address as ” ” . You must choose a address that resembles the theme or content of your blog. If you hate the “” extension to your domain name and want something like “” just calm down, you  can do it later.
  • Template: The third Field asks you to select a template for your blog. Template selection means how you want your website to look like. it gives seven option to choose from. The layout can be changed anytime in the future.

After completing these fields just click on create blog. As soon as you are done with these steps a dashboard appears in front of you.

5) Creating your first post:

The Dashboard has a link named New Post, Click on it and your blogging journey starts.


Give a beautiful title to your post and create some quality content for your readers. Add some great pictures to your post . You can also insert videos from youtube  with just a click.  Many customization options are available on the post’s toolbar. After you have finalized your post you can preview it. Once you are sure to publish it Hit the publish button in the top right.


Once published bring traffic to you blog by promoting it on social media accounts, emails, whatsapp…….


WHOAAA!!!!! your first blog is ready ……

Enjoy blogging.


If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding this post please write down in the comments sections below. I love to hear it from you.

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