Chunks of Wisdom for Engineering Students

Chunks of Wisdom for Engineering Students


Being in an Engineering course is not all about big, fat books and number crunching. No, there’s more to it than tedium & boredom. And that something more can be quite interesting, only if you will to veer your life in that direction.

But there are no quick-fixes in life & definitely no free lunches. If you wish to be ambitious, talented & successful, you will have to whet your appetite for seeking & gaining knowledge, first thing.

Be willing to go the extra mile and you will see that you have a purposeful life which keeps you enthusiastic & optimistic. Some ways to add spunk to your ‘Regular Schedule’ are enlisted below:

 1) Subscribe, Subscribe, And Subscribe:

Whichever offshoot of Engineering you belong to, there are a plethora of Technical Magazines from your domain, which keep you abreast with all the latest contraptions, gizmos and research work. This will, to say the least, familiarize you with the latest innovations and add a ‘Third Eye’ to your approach of viewing technical topics and subjects. Reading such magazines is a cool way to develop interest in your favorite subjects. There are a bunch of these magazines out on the news-stands. So, grab your copy today.

2) Publish or Perish:

No matter what your future aspirations, it will do you or your field of choice no justice until you develop a hobby horse, a subject of your liking in which you can gather some extra-layer of information. We all have one or two subjects in engineering, which we take a natural liking for and are generally well-informed about them. Why not then hone such subjects to perfection by reading, researching & learning more about them? As a subsequent part, try blogging, publishing or making notes about such subjects or topics of interest. It will add flair to your vision.

 3) You Too? :

Ah, what would life be like were it not for YouTube. Everybody has access to YouTube for at least a few minutes daily. What we also know is that You Tube is also full of Technical Videos. But the running length of such videos is a big turn-off. However, there are still a lot of videos with cool graphics and animation which last for five minutes or lower; and given the short duration of time of such videos, they are mostly fast-paced and riveting. You can browse through such videos on one-such-video-a-day-and no-more basis or else add them to your ‘Watch Later’ list. Then, watching them at leisure while you have your meals or snacks can be a good way to unwind yourself and bolster your knowledge too.

 4) One-Semester-at-a-Time:

Know that the effective length of a Semester is just about three months. After that, zap, its gone! But are you any-the-wiser? Would you let one more such semester go by without learning a new skill, taking part in a technical event, or achieving any short-term goal?

5) Make your Nostalgia stronger:

The friends you make, the laughter you have, the classes you bunk, the miraculous ways you scrape or score in a subject, the long-hours you burn the midnight oil, the hangouts you laze at, the over-zealous & opinionated-about-everything attitude you have in the course your ‘Engineering Life’ is what will make your life memorable, happier & fuller years and years from now. So cherish the moments and inhale the beauty of life with all your heart – and take life – easy,peasy,jappaneasy!

 6) We are the Millenials:

Millenials are those youth who become adults in the first quarter of the early 21st century. What marks us apart for the 70s and 80s generation is our angst to change & revolutionize the world. We are responsible, we are gritty, we are gentle – for we know that everybody is fighting a tougher battle. And we are here to leave a mark, do our bit, voice our choice and make this world a better place, no matter what the naysayers say…


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