5 Reasons Why Teaching is the Most Honorable Profession

5 Reasons Why Teaching is the Most Honorable Profession


Good teachers are the foundation of any Nation. Children spend the major part of their day with their teachers. They spend almost 20 years of their life under the guidance of their teachers. If you have good and skillful teachers you will have good and skillful students which in-turn will serve the nation in some or the other ways in the near future. This is somehow I think teachers are the building blocks of a Nation.

Being a Teacher is not Everyone’s cup of tea. A good teacher needs to be a disciplined individual who is good at time management, planning, and multi-tasking. A teacher needs to  be creative, energetic, and sensitive. If you’re good with crowd control, speaking in front of a group, and developing interest of your audience listening to you, then you may make an excellent teacher.

5 Reasons Why Teaching Is the most Honorable Profession 

1)  There Would be No Doctors, Engineers without teachers

People often forget behind every Doctor, Engineer or Lawyer there are many teachers. Teachers who taught them  numbers, Alphabets and multiplication division etc. If you never had a teacher who taught you how to write and avoid grammar errors, you would sound extremely uneducated when writing formal proposals, and as a result, would most likely not be as successful. The classrooms are full of future Doctors, Engineers, Actors, Military Men, Police, Politicians, Players, Lawyers, radio jockey’s, Social workers, moms , dads, and even few other teachers. Teacher literally interact with future of the nation. Somewhere they create a positive impact on the future.

2) Learning Something New Every time:

A Teacher have to speak about an hour in front of the most notorious beings, ‘children’ . To speak on a topic for about an hour and answer the curious questions by the developing Brains one needs to have a deep study and understanding of the topic. To deliver a one hour lecture  3-4 hours preparation is required. while preparing for the lectures he is always learning something new.  Even if a teacher doesn’t go back to a college after getting their Bachelor’s or Masters, he or she constantly learns new things about the subject they teach, about themselves, and about people in general.

3) They Nourish brilliance every day

Every child has some talent that need to be appreciated and nurtured. we are the one’s who determine one’s talent and help the student take it ahead. Some Brain Storming things come on in the middle of lessons, and that’s when we  make the students realize their own intelligence and it really satisfies us and makes us feel proud of our profession. Teaching students new technologies and ways of presenting, curating, and collaborating with others with what they know is truly exciting.

4) Teachers Teach More than Academics

Teachers not only teach their specific academic subjects and make sure their students are fluent in their specific subject, they are responsible for teaching their students lessons like honesty-the most important thing in life, integrity, politeness, and responsibility. A good teacher can teach the subject well, but a great teacher will make his/her students better as people.

Think about a child that struggles, that you’re constantly working one-on-one with to try to help him/her grasp a new concept. It’s difficult to see a frustrated child work incredibly hard and still not understand what it is that he’s doing. And then you see it. The light bulb goes on, and the child can all-of-a-sudden read the sentence on the page. The smile that results from that light bulb is priceless, and a new moment to remember is created.

A teacher stands by his students when no one else is ready to. He guides his students in their tough times and brings them out of darkness.

5) Teaching is the most Creative Profession

Making some one understand what you understood is a difficult task, specially when the audience is not in a mood to listen. Every one has his own way of thinking and understanding. Standing in a class full of students and explaining a concept to them all at once is a creative job. You really need to use creative teaching methods and real world examples to relate it with them to make them understand. A teacher takes all the possible effort to make his/her students understand the topic up to the mark.

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  1. Really there is no other profession as honourable as teaching..But now a days some people making this profession worst by abusing the students, targetting the students to show their importance..I think this has to be stopped.

  2. Utter truth……As said by someone ” Paththar to paththar hota hai Tarashnewala chahiye” And the teaching profession is the well suited profession to this quote…And the only profession which gives ultimate satisfaction and Leadership skills….

  3. MashALLAH….Awesome, fills one who is in teaching profession with lot of positive energy….& serves as an eye opener for the rest

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