121 useful tips for budding professionals for successful life

121 useful tips for budding professionals for successful life


Bucket list


Meaning: a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.


It has always been my conscious endeavor to seek tidbits of wisdom in every experience, event, book or person that I came across. I learnt that it pays to remember the lesson from every circumstance of life. It really pays. Deriving the ‘Moral of the Story’ from all the life-lessons is a very lasting method that alters your mood, thought process, negativity, worry, anxiety, concern, despondence you name it, kiddo and you can get it covered. That’s because, the answers all lie within – not with your teachers, your parents, friends, society, gen x, government, the situations in your life, especially hard ones, or anything else. These people or events are merely sounding boards which act as platforms for you to realize your potential.

And so, 

Can you do the same with your life? Can you compile your own Bucket List and keep it close to your heart & eyes?

Meanwhile, have a serving or two…

121 most useful tips for successful life

  1. Limit Television or don’t watch it at all. Learn through Books.
  2. Meditate, do yoga or offer Namaz – it shall transform you inside-out.
  3. Eat in moderation. Your stomach is not a brick-kiln.
  4. Keep constantly moving-on.
  5. Connect with nature. Mountain-hike and breathe-in the crisp air there.
  6. Don’t talk too much. Remain Silent a lot. It will make you mature.
  7. Stop wasting time on the Virtual world. Get Real
  8. Don’t buy unless there is a necessity.
  9. Donate what you don’t need.
  10. Help at least one person a day.
  11. Visit old relatives, Sick friends or neighbours.
  12. Smell the watered earth. Pick up gardening.
  13. Keep praying to God constantly.
  14. Do good to others at the quickest opportunity.
  15. Read technical books for 30 minutes every day.
  16. Be honest to your job and others.
  17. Live one day at a time.
  18. Know thyself, Love yourself.
  19. Mend bridges, forgive others, let go old & crude memories.
  20. Give charity to the poor.
  21. Pray for others and pray for yourself.
  22. Try to witness the dawn. It’s like a totally different world.
  23. Obey your parents. Keep them happy.
  24. Don’t talk much to others. Keep to your own self.
  25. Don’t argue too much or at all
  26. Be organized.
  27. Get up 5 minutes early each day.
  28. Be ready on time and reach where you have to reach 5 minutes before time.
  29. Pamper yourself. Give treats to ‘You’.
  30. Make your own decisions.
  31. Listen to criticism patiently however harsh.
  32. Always dress well.
  33. Don’t get angry at all.
  34. The silent treatment – Do not yell back in anger immediately.
  35. Take initiatives.
  36. Volunteer in your society, your work-place or better still – Your Home!
  37. Take up challenges!
  38. Set Short term Goals
  39. Prepare in Advance for everything.
  40. Give an action-packed performance to each day.
  41. Reach out to your extended family.
  42. Read one book a week.
  43. Stop self-pitying or victimizing your own self.
  44. Do what you love to do.
  45. Fall in love with your work.
  46. Look at the Clear-night black Star-dust sky. Imagine the enormity of Universe.
  47. Don’t spend time with obnoxious people.
  48. Face what you fear.
  49. Exercise, cycle, jog or do calisthenics.
  50. Learn an outdoor sport.
  51. Sometimes, get a good night’s sleep.
  52. Don’t worry. Be happy. There are 7 billion people to share responsibility with.
  53. Hear the birds chirping.
  54. Do nothing – Just observe the sun setting.
  55. Remember we all have to die one day – then gather a fresh perspective.
  56. Do not compare anything in your life with someone else.
  57. Seize the day. Life is in the ‘Now’.
  58. Life has its ups and downs.
  59. Reflect about the good things of the day before sleeping.
  60. Be kind.
  61. Believe in yourself.
  62. Make others feel special.
  63. Say Thank You.
  64. Want what you have or create what you want.
  65. Don’t dwell on negativity.
  66. Get someone a cup of tea, coffee or water.
  67. Make a Gratitude List
  68. Put in your best efforts.
  69. Keep learning a new skill every year.
  70. Don’t lose hope.
  71. Stay close to friends and family.
  72. Step back and observe life.
  73. Take stretch breaks.
  74. Use positive words.
  75. Let go and let God.
  76. Rub your feet and hands.
  77. Don’t Judge, Bless instead.
  78. Follow a monthly budget.
  79. Make time just to have fun.
  80. Simplify.
  81. Tell the truth.
  82. Use time-saving technology.
  83. Develop patience.
  84. Breathe deeply.
  85. Take a walk.
  86. Complete things.
  87. Take a nap.
  88. Sing a tune. Hum a poem.
  89. Say no at times.
  90. Shift deadlines.
  91. Trust divine timing & order.
  92. Drink lots of water.
  93. Seek advice.
  94. Forgive and move on.
  95. Focus on the moment.
  96. Don’t always be right.
  97. Take vitamin supplements.
  98. Plan a special outing.
  99. Relax your muscles.
  100. Relax and notice.
  101. Clean the clutter in your house, your desk and your mind.
  102. Be spontaneous.
  103. Maintain a good posture.
  104. Make time for hobbies.
  105. Limit work-time.
  106. Get some fresh air.
  107. Join help networks.
  108. Compromise & cooperate.
  109. Don’t procrastinate.
  110. Switch off your mobile.
  111. Build a strong & healthy body
  112. Take a vacation.
  113. Write down your thoughts. Maintain a personal diary.
  114. Daydream.
  115. Respect your limits.
  116. Open a savings account.
  117. Nurture your faith.
  118. Take in the sun.
  119. Smile with your heart.
  120. Develop flexibility.
  121. Know that God loves you and you are special.

these are mine 121 mantras for a successful life.

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